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Grow Your Own Produce Anywhere…Without Soil!

Grow Your Own Produce Anywhere…Without Soil! Positive health starts with consistent habits, one of which should be eating nutritious foods. A great way to incorporate more healthy foods like fruits and vegetables into your diet is to skip the grocery store altogether (not to mention the crowds of people at the store as well as […]

“Social Distancing” from EMF Radiation

“Social Distancing” from EMF Radiation The 6.5-inch scalar energy disk-1 is made of a material Ken Rohla developed called ormusite, based in part on the work of several scientists and inventors including Nikola Tesla. The 6.5-inch scalar energy disk creates an energy field called scalar energy. Scalar energy can reduce stress, promote accelerated healing, promote deeper […]

A Truly “Rad” Elixir of Life

A Truly “Rad” Elixir of Life Water is said to be the elixir of life, however, in modern society, a great deal of water that we consume or bathe in is tainted with harmful pollutants and toxins. Rad Zero-1, however, provides a refreshing and much-needed return to the elixir-like qualities of H2O. Rad Zero is […]


The Incredible Health Benefits of Cucumbers   A Quick Background on Cucumbers   When you think of the cucumber, many think of it as a vegetable, but in reality, a cucumber is a fruit and related to the melon and the squash families- (1). It’s mild in flavor and is good when sliced and dropped […]


The Incredible Health Benefits of Celery A Quick Background on Celery   Celery is both crunchy and versatile and might be underrated as a food, as a vegetable, and even as a snack. Many know it from the childhood snack “ants on a log” (peanut butter spread into a celery stalk with raisins placed on […]


Apples  The Incredible Health Benefits of Apples A Quick Background on Apples   Apples are a popular snack. They’re often thought of as delicious, versatile, crunchy, juicy, and sweet. When people think of American cuisine, apple pie often comes to mind; apples being a staple of many American diets. However, apples originated in the mountains […]