“Social Distancing” from EMF Radiation

The 6.5-inch scalar energy disk-1 is made of a material Ken Rohla developed called ormusite, based in part on the work of several scientists and inventors including Nikola Tesla. The 6.5-inch scalar energy disk creates an energy field called scalar energy. Scalar energy can reduce stress, promote accelerated healing, promote deeper sleep, and strengthen physiological functions in humans, animals, plants, beneficial microbes, mushrooms, and insects. The ormusite-based scalar energy disk can improve the taste and health properties of water and food. The 6.5-inch scalar energy disk will also reduce the damaging effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMF) pollution.

 The 6.5-inch scalar energy disk radiates a scalar field radius of 6.5 inches in all directions. Place the disk near any living organisms to see or feel the benefits.

What is Orsumite?

For those familiar with orgonite, ormusite is similar but not the same. There are a wide variety of materials on the internet labeled as orgonite made by laypeople, most of whom have no understanding of the physics involved in how properly constructed orgonite works, nor an understanding of scalar fields, how they work, how to create them, or how to measure their effects. Most of the orgonite products available online are made by people copying the work of Don Croft, and Karl Hans Welz, the inventor of orgonite. Croft created a material made of simple, easy-to-find ingredients that mimicked Welz’s orgonite, and it can create scalar fields that are much bulkier than Karl Welz’s creation. Most orgonite products found online are cheap imitations of Croft’s work. Ken Rohla has tested orgonite from many of the major vendors online and most are weak at best. Welz’s orgonite is properly constructed and works well, but it is fairly expensive and does not include ORMUS technology. ORMUS or ORME minerals are superconducting elements, mostly the platinum group elements on the periodic chart, which can act as a conduit or antenna for very beneficial high-frequency scalar energy that flows between other dimensions of time and space. The ormusite in the 6.5-inch scalar energy disk contains 16 ORMUS-bearing minerals in a proprietary format unlike orgonite found elsewhere.

What is Scalar Energy?

Scalar energy is waves-2 that spiral faster than light, continually branching out in recurring patterns as they flow. These branching patterns are called fractals. Scalar waves coagulate or calm down to speeds slower than light and can structure conventional electromagnetic energy and even become physical matter. The term scalar refers to their structure; unlike the usual side-to-side oscillating transverse waves such as those on the ocean, they are longitudinal; more like a compression wave. Scalar energy is often labeled with other names such as prana, chi or qi, zero-point energy, tachyon energy, biophotonic energy, Rife energy, kundalini, or life force. They are all waves that move faster than light but can slow down and become particles, electromagnetic (EM) waves, and matter, or even alter the structure of EM energy.

What Are Some Additional Benefits of the 6.5-inch Scalar Energy Disk?

Place within five feet (the closer the better) of a person to increase energy and reduce fatigue, reduce the effects of electromagnetic radiation, promote a calmer and more relaxed mood, improve sleep, increase muscle strength and balance. Place next to your body to help relieve pain and headaches, or to improve results when engaged in bodywork such as massage. Massage therapists can place the 6.5-inch scalar energy disk next to or on the body to improve results of massage, reduce pain, and increase range of motion, flexibility, and balance.

The 6.5-inch scalar energy disk helps improve fermentation of Effective Microorganisms (EM) or similar probiotic cultures, kombucha, kefirs, yogurts, beer, and wine. The 6.5-inch scalar energy disk protects from the harmful effects of EMF radiation, helps improve the homeopathic properties of water and food, and boosts plant health.

If good things come to those who wait, then you’ve waited long enough for the 6.5-inch scalar energy disk. Your health is the most precious commodity in the world, and something as small as the 6.5-inch scalar energy disk will make a massive and long-lasting impact on the state of your wellbeing.

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Alex Woodward