A Truly “Rad” Elixir of Life

Water is said to be the elixir of life, however, in modern society, a great deal of water that we consume or bathe in is tainted with harmful pollutants and toxins. Rad Zero-1, however, provides a refreshing and much-needed return to the elixir-like qualities of H2O. Rad Zero is a special formula of scalar energy-charged hyper oxygen-saturated spring water with specific frequencies to help support the removal of harmful radiation and protection from electromagnetic fields.

Rad Zero contains the anti-frequencies of ionizing nuclear radiation found in nuclear fallout and smog, as well as frequencies to support protection from non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation (such as with wireless technologies.

Rad Zero is neither based on homeopathy nor “radionics,” but rather on an offshoot of Tesla technology that charges and structures monatomic (ORMES) minerals-2 found in natural spring water with scalar energy (aka zero-point energy) of certain frequencies that alter the atomic structure of the minerals, making them emit scalar waves with frequencies that interfere with radioactive elements. The water is also programmed with the subatomic frequency of oxygen, yielding effects similar to extreme oxygen content.

How to Use Rad Zero

The Rad Zero formula tastes like water. Use 12 drops once per day under the tongue until 2 to 3 ounces have been used. If flying, or traveling to radioactively contaminated areas, or living in areas of higher exposure, or for those working in nuclear plants or nuclear medicine, 12 drops once per day is recommended 7 days before, during, and 7 days after exposure. Since people and conditions are different, always monitor and measure exposure and contamination levels, and seek guidance from a licensed physician.

What Else Should I Know?

Every cell in the human body needs and craves oxygen. Red blood cells are particularly responsive to oxygen, especially hyper-oxygen saturated water. Additional benefits of scalar energy-charged hyper oxygen-saturated spring water include increased vitality and renewed energy. It also helps to keep skin clear, assists in losing weight and boosting the metabolism, relieve fatigue, prevents cramps, fights bad breath, helps with headaches, keeps you regular, and boosts mood.

One of the best ways to increase your oxygen intake and therefore protect yourself from EMF radiation and boost your health is by drinking water that has been hyper-saturated with oxygen. Your body is made of more than 70% water and as such it’s imperative that your body receive the highest quality H20 possible.

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Alex Woodward