Grow Your Own Produce Anywhere…Without Soil!

Positive health starts with consistent habits, one of which should be eating nutritious foods. A great way to incorporate more healthy foods like fruits and vegetables into your diet is to skip the grocery store altogether (not to mention the crowds of people at the store as well as pesticide and GMO laced foods) and grow your own produce.

You’ll be able to reduce your grocery bill by stocking your fridge with fresh produce that you’ve grown with your own two hands. A packet of seeds will often cost less than a dollar, and if you buy heirloom or non-hybrid species, you can even save the seeds from the best producers, dry them, and use them the following year.

Growing your own produce free of herbicides and pesticides gives the Earth a much-needed break from water and air pollution. You’re also reducing the usage of fossil fuels from having your produce transported across the country and world.

A few other benefits to growing your own food: it’ll taste better, you can grow more varieties in your own garden than what’s available at the store, you reduce the possibility of food contamination, you’ll waste less food, and you increase your food security.

Unfortunately, many, especially those who live in urban or suburban environments typically don’t have the space or living situation to be able to cultivate or create their own garden. The good news is that to be able to grow your own healthy produce year-round, you no longer need a massive backyard or lots of outdoor space.  

Tower Garden-1 systems let you easily grow your own fresh, nutrient-rich food without soil. There’s the new Tower Garden HOME, which is ideal for indoor gardening, while the Tower Garden FLEX is slightly larger and can be used indoors or outdoors. 

Using aeroponics, which is the same technology NASA uses, the Tower Garden will grow vegetables, fruits, and flowers with water and nutrients only, using no soil. Research performed by NASA has shown that aeroponic systems produce 30% greater yields on average-2 and even grow plants three times faster. That means within a few weeks of planting you’ll be enjoying abundant and nutritious fruits and vegetables.

Tower Garden is anything but traditional gardening—it’s uncomplicated it’s not time- and you don’t have weed, or deal with pests, or fight off plant disease. The Tower Garden delivers water and nutrients only when they’re most needed, which results in the growth of strong, healthy plants without much effort. Because the plants you’ll be growing are healthy they can better protect themselves from pests and diseases naturally; meaning you won’t need to use pesticides either. 

The Tower Garden is compact and designed to grow vertically. It also features closed-loop system technology—meaning the Tower garden requires as little as 10% of the water and space you’d use with traditional growing. Both the HOME and the FLEX take up less than 3 square feet. You can grow on a balcony, a fire escape, in a front yard, on a porch, on a rooftop, in a kitchen, in a living room, and many more places. Now, you’re able to grow a healthier you all year long.

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Alex Woodward