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“Social Distancing” from EMF Radiation

“Social Distancing” from EMF Radiation The 6.5-inch scalar energy disk-1 is made of a material Ken Rohla developed called ormusite, based in part on the work of several scientists and inventors including Nikola Tesla. The 6.5-inch scalar energy disk creates an energy field called scalar energy. Scalar energy can reduce stress, promote accelerated healing, promote deeper […]

A Truly “Rad” Elixir of Life

A Truly “Rad” Elixir of Life Water is said to be the elixir of life, however, in modern society, a great deal of water that we consume or bathe in is tainted with harmful pollutants and toxins. Rad Zero-1, however, provides a refreshing and much-needed return to the elixir-like qualities of H2O. Rad Zero is […]


The Incredible Health Benefits of Cucumbers   A Quick Background on Cucumbers   When you think of the cucumber, many think of it as a vegetable, but in reality, a cucumber is a fruit and related to the melon and the squash families- (1). It’s mild in flavor and is good when sliced and dropped […]


The Incredible Health Benefits of Celery A Quick Background on Celery   Celery is both crunchy and versatile and might be underrated as a food, as a vegetable, and even as a snack. Many know it from the childhood snack “ants on a log” (peanut butter spread into a celery stalk with raisins placed on […]