A Super Healthy Mineral, “Worth Its Weight in Salt”

Salt is something we often take for granted, but in ancient times salt was seen as such a valuable commodity that labor was compensated with salt. Salt was even seen as a mineral equal in value to gold. The word “salary” even comes from the word “salt.”

Scalar salt-1 comes from underground and unlike other salts that are mined, scalar salt contains a broad spectrum of trace minerals; five ancient unrefined, unheated seabed salts from high-frequency mineral deposits around the world (the Andes, Himalayas, and United States).

What is the “scalar” in scalar salts? Scalar energy operates at the quantum (oversimplified, “quantum” = “microscopic”) level. It is capable of disassembling all types of harmful pathogens in the body and eliminating the cause or catalyst of disease. Once the cause or catalyst of a pathogen disease has been eliminated, the symptoms then decrease or disappear altogether.

Scalar salt reestablishes a healthy resonance between the human body and the earth. It also helps build ojas-2 (an essential energy in the body in ayurvedic medicine), which are useful for hydration, mineralization, and to help with a good sodium-potassium balance. These transformative salts have no additional stabilizers, chemicals, conditioners, or preservatives. They are all-natural; pure, unbleached, unheated, raw, and unrefined. 

Scalar salts can be used in drinking water, baths, and food to add exceptional and unique flavor to cooking, to provide much-needed electrolytes, and to raise frequency in a detox salt or mineral bath.


First, lightly brush your (dry skin) body to stimulate the lymphatic system. Then take two to three tablespoons of scalar salt and add to any two-cup whole unrefined sea salt detox bath. This will raise the scalar energy frequencies created by the crystalline structures of the minerals inside. A negatively charged salt bath will pull positively charged toxins out of the body as well as parasites and undigested fats. The high frequency of the scalar energy in scalar salts optimizes the detox.

At least 70% of toxins exit the skin during a salt detox bath. A scalar salt detox bath will help the functionality of your internal organs and systems like the kidney, colon, lungs, liver, and lymph.

For Consumption (A Condiment or for Health)

Scalar salts can be used as a condiment in food or a meal and help provide much-needed minerals to the body. Note: You should always consume lots of water when ingesting salt; at least a half-ounce of water per pound of body weight per day.

Scalar salts can assist with dehydration, headaches, issues related to mineral deficiency, and can provide increased energy. To access any of these benefits, place an eighth of a teaspoon of salt on your tongue and hold on the roof of the mouth for 30- 60 seconds, then swallow with at least sixteen ounces of water to hydrate and provide the minerals your body needs.

Fortunately, scalar salts, unlike their ancient counterparts, are not worth your entire salary, however, when you use scalar salts in your everyday life it’ll leave you feeling like a million bucks.

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Alex Woodward