5G and Cellphones

Dangers Of Cellphones

            Modern advances in technology have rapidly increased both the amount of background EMF radiation that exists and the amount of time we all spend in its proximity.  In the United States alone, more than 114 million cell phones are in circulation.  Around the world, that number is closer to 1 billion. (1)

            As dependent as society has become on cell phones, more and more people are asking about what effects cell phone use has on health.  Perhaps of most concern: if there are negative effects, are they reversible?  Or are we stuck on this path without hope?

            Thanks to the tireless efforts of guerilla researchers, strong connections have been found between prolonged cell phone use and deteriorating health. The health risks posed by cellular use also lead to perhaps an even greater threat: the breakdown of democracy and consent as cell phone manufacturers and service providers take advantage of their consumers ignorance to expose them to this kind of radiation without their knowledge.  With all the evidence now gathered, some brave advocates are trying to affect change in legislation to protect unwitting citizens from the harmful radiation of cellular EMFs.  If we could get our elected officials to enact policy changes that properly regulate this exposure, we might be able to mitigate its influence.

            The convenience of cell phones cannot be denied, but do consumers really understand what they’re agreeing to when they use them?  The health risks of cell phone use are both complicated and poorly understood.

            A question: have you ever thought about what the “cell” in cell phone refers to?  You might be surprised to learn that it’s defined as the radius of radiation that surrounds a cell signal transmitter, most frequently cell phone towers.  This radiation is emitted in a delicate but dangerous flower petal-like structure known as a lobe.

            We are surrounded by these radiation cells–a network large enough to guarantee effective phone service, if not good health–and influenced as well by the thousands of satellites these cells use to communicate.  That means no matter where you are or what time of day it is, a cell phone is exposing you to powerful EMFs–even if you don’t own one yourself. (2)

            So what’s the big deal?  Well, this kind of EMF exposure may cause infertility, increased blood-brain barrier permeability, irritability, and a lack of focus, amongst others.  With those kinds of risks, you may think that the best solution is to abandon cell phone use altogether, but at this point, the greater risk is in the number of people who use them as opposed to individual use.  Modern society is dependent on cell phone use, so what is to be done?

            Well, you can make your own cell phone use safer by using a speaker and reducing your proximity to its EMF.  The less you touch signal-emitting devices, including cell phones and wifi-enabled computers, the better.  With the knowledge we’ve gained from research, some manufacturers are now producing special phone cases designed to reduce the exposure to their EMFs. (3)

            Grounding yourself can help free yourself from the effects of the free radicals borne from cellular EMF exposure.  Some reiki specialists believe that certain healing crystals can also help absorb these negative energies, although there is limited research to back these claims.

            Within the boundaries of your own home, you can create a space that is guarded from EMF influence.  Dedicate space to being free of smart devices and the energy they emit.  And when all else fails, try your best to go back to humanity’s roots.  While cell signals are all around us, the deeper you can get into nature and away from their influence, the safer you’ll be.

The Power (and Danger) of 5G

            5G providers promise to deliver cellular service that is faster, stronger, and more efficient.  What they’re not telling you, however, is the potential hazards that accompany 5G use.  With the United States leading the way to the widespread adoption of 5G technology, it’s a serious risk to ignore the number of studies that have demonstrated the harm posed by low-level wireless frequency radiation. (4) 

            In addition to the dangerous effects that these frequencies have been proven to cause–including oxidative damage, increased blood-brain barrier permeability, and disruption to the glucose metabolism in the brain, the WHO, in 2011, identified RF radiation as a potential 2B carcinogen.  This claim is supported by the National Toxicology Program, which spent $25 million to explore RF’s carcinogenic properties and concluded that they were quite real. (5)

            So why is 5G so special?  What makes it different from the 2G, 3G, and 4G services Americans have been using for so long?  The key lies in the frequency.  5G operates at frequency bands above and below those of previous service technology, and therein lies the potential danger. (6)

            5G means exposure to high frequency radio waves in low intensity, to help mitigate interference from obstacles that obstruct the path of the radio waves.  When people are exposed to these waves, 90% of the exposure is absorbed through the skin, leaving it the most vulnerable human organ.  Being exposed to 5G radiation may increase your risk of contracting skin diseases and damage to the epidermis. (7)

            Eyes might also be at risk.  Based on experiments on rodents, exposure to microwave radiation saw degeneration in the retinas of the test subjects.  Another study on rats also found that exposure to these frequencies increased and unbalanced heart rates. (8)

            Mentally, some studies have explored the possible link between radar EMF exposure and higher rates of chronic depression and fatigue.  In 2013, an experiment researching the mental health of radar workers found for the first time a strong link between their exposure to the high-frequency pulses and their elevated rates of weariness, tenseness, and insomnia. (9)

            But wait, there’s more–at a microscopic level.  Microwaves that pulse at low intensities have been shown to halt the growth of deadly bacteria, including e. Coli–good news–but that means they might have the same suppressing effect on the human immune system–bad news.  To make matters worse, the ability of most bacteria to rapidly grow and adapt to challenges means they will be able to avoid these suppressing qualities of microwave exposure, while human immune systems are stuck playing catch up, lowering our ability to resist these foreign bodies.

            Humans aren’t the only ones at risk, either.  Plants irradiated by 5G frequencies may not be safe for us to consume.  Those that are still run the risk of having their chemistry altered in dangerous ways by 5G exposure.

            The EMF exposure of low-level, non-ionizing microwaves has been shown to have tangible, negative effects on the whole planet, whether it’s birds abandoning their nests due to associated locomotive issues, or queen bees not being able to lay as many eggs.  Is this the kind of planet we want to live on?

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Alex Woodward